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2017 NASED Summer Meeting
     August 22-25, 2017
     Hyatt Regency, Anaheim CA.

                                    BOTH TOURS ARE SOLD OUT
     Registration is closed. Please call (281) 396-4314

2018 NASED Winter Meeting
     February 16-19, 2018
     Fairmont Georgetown Hotel, Washington, DC.      

2018 NASED Summer Meeting
     July 13-16, 2018
     Lowes Philadelphia Hotel, Philadelphia, PA.




Presentations From The 2017 NASED Winter Meeting

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission NASED - Report on 2016 and 2017 Prospectus
 Thomas Hicks & Matthew Masterson, Commisioners

Election Initiatives: Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR)
 David Becker 

Federal Voting Assistance Program: Putting Policy Into Action
 David Beirne, Acting Director 

TGDC Update VVSG 2.0 Scope Discussion
 Mary Brady, NIST; Matt Masterson, EAC

Physical Access for Voters with Disabilities
 Michelle Bishop, MSW, Disability Advocacy Specialist for Voting Rights National  Disability Rights Network (NDRN)

Web Access
 Susan Mizner, Disability Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union

DHS Cybersecurity: Services for State and Local Officials
 Neil Jenkins

Voting in 2016 Tales from the Survey of the Performance of American Elections
 Charles Stewart, MIT

2016 Election Cycle
 Maria Matthews, Director, Division of Elections Florida Department of State

2016 Election Lessions Learned: A Massachusetts Perspectives
 Michelle K. Tassinari Director/Legal Counsel, Elections Division Office of the  Secretary of the Commonwealth

Keeping the Rolls Up to Date: List Maintenance in Compliance with the NVRA
 Stuart Naifeh, Demos

Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program
 Bryan Caskey, Kansas

ERIC: Electronic Registration Information Center
 John Lindback, ERIC

Automatic Registration
 Steve Trout, Oregon

Automatic Voter Registration
 Samuel Derheimer, Senior Manager, Election Initiatives, The Pew Charitable  Trusts

The Road Ahead: 2017 Elections Legislation
 Wendy Underhill, Program Director—Elections and Redistricting, NCSL

Technology Solutions To Advance Military And Overseas Voting
 Marci Andino, Executive Director, South Carolina State Election Commission

The Voting Information Project
 Maria Bianchi, Project Manager, The Voting Information Project, Democracy  Works

Litigation Update
 Keith Ingram

Elections,Technology, and The Pursuit Of Integrity
 Laurent Michel, Center for Voting Technology Research University of  Connecticut

FBI Resources

What We Investigate: Counterintelligence

The Insider Threat: An Introduction to Detecting and Deterring an Insider Spy




Presentations From The 2016 NASED Summer Meeting

U.S. Election Assistance Commission
 Matt Masterson, Vice Chair; Christy McCormick, Commissioner

TGDC and Voting Systems Standards Update
 Mary Brady, NIST; Matt Masterson, EAC; Bob Giles, New Jersey

OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
 U.S. Ambassador Daniel Baer; ODIHR Director Michael Link; Julian Jakob,  Special Adviser to the Director; Richard Lappin, Senior Election Adviser and  Andreas Baker of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Secretariat

FVAP update
 Matt Boehmer, Director

Disability Access Panel
• Accessibility and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission
• Your Rights as a Voter with Disability - Connecticut's Response
 Christy McCormick, EAC; Peggy Reeves, Connecticut

State Election Law eBenchbooks
 Rebecca Green, William and Mary College of Law

USPS Update
 Tammy Patrick, Bipartisan Policy Center; Steve Montieth, USPS Manager  Transactions and Correspondence Mail and Dan Bentley, USPS Marketing  Director

"One Person, One Vote" to the United States
 Rebecca Green, Professor of the Practice of Law at William and Mary Law  School and Co-Director of the Election Law Program, a joint project of the Law  School and the National Center for State Courts

Improving List Maintenance Through NCOA and Other Means
• NCAO Power Point Presentation
• GAO Slides
 Rebecca Gambler, Director, Election Administration Issue Area, Government  Accountability Office; Scott Mayers, Louisiana Secretary of State’s office;  moderated by Judd Choate, Colorado


General Information

NASED members meet as a body twice annually to share information, hear from pertinent speakers on election issues, and develop a network among those in the elections community.

NASED conferences occur in the winter in Washington, D.C. and in the summer in a member state. NASED is proud and fortunate to maintain extremely positive relationships with both the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) and the Election Center. In order to maintain those relationships and to insure the continued sharing of information among members of each organization, NASED meets with NASS in the winter and alternates between NASS, The Election Center, and on its own, for its summer meetings.


Conference Topics

Past conferences have included presentations and discussions with the Election Assistance Commission, FEC, US Department of Justice, Federal Voting Assistance Program, advocates for people with disabilities, and numerous other officials in the elections field.


Non-Member Information

Non-members and vendors are invited to participate in the NASED conferences by using the registration form posted for each conference. All non-members are expected to adhere to the non-members code of conduct.



NASED does not allow vendor sponsorship of any of its activities and all conferences are funded solely by registration fees. NASED allows vendors to place advertisements in the registration packet. Click here for more information.