2017 Summer Conference, Anaheim, CA: August 22-25, 2017

Anaheim, CA
August 22-25, 2017


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The U.S. Election Assistance Commission - EAC Commissioners
Matt Masterson, Chair; Tom Hicks, Vice Chair; Christy McCormick, Commissioner

TGDC and Voting Systems Standards Update Voting Program Manager
Mary Brady, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

TGDC Voluntary Voting System Guidelines 2.0

Critical Infrastructure 101
Mark Listes, U.S. Election Assistance Commission

Collaboration between Academics and Election Officials and Scientific Musings on Maintenance
Charles Stewart III, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Managing Polling Place Lines
Charles Stewart III, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Elections Projects Election Mail
Dan Bentley, U.S. Postal Service - Election Mail Program Manager

Elections Projects Overview of Democracy Fund Elections Program
Tammy Patrick, Democracy Fund

Increasing Voter Registration
Jennifer Tolentino, Rock The Vote

Increasing Voter Registration National Voter Registration Day
Brian Miller, National Voter Registration Day

Increasing Voter Turnout The Academic Perspective
Christian Grose, University of Southern California

Increasing Voter Turnout Latino Registration And Voting Obstacles And Opportunities
Matt Barreto, UCLA Latino Decisions

Increasing Voter Turnout How Academics Can Help Administrators Evaluate Outcomes
Paul Gronke, Early Voting Information Center at Reed

Ensuring Access Accuracy and Security
Matthew Masterson, The US Election Assistance Commission

Declining Voter Confidence in the New Era
David Becker, Center For Election Innovation And Research

Ensuring Access Accuracy and Security Electronic Registration Information Center
Shane Hamlin, Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)

Election Line Data Collection Program
John Fortier & Don Palmer, Bipartisan Policy Center

California County Innovation - California Statewide Innovations
Jana Lean, California

California County Innovations
Los Angeles County, California

Using a State's Address Library to Improve List Maintenance
Michael McDonald, University of Florida

Section 203 Compliance and Other Language Issues - The California Perspective
Steve Trout, Oregon

Election Observer Insights Legislation Review
Michael Haas, Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator

Litigation Review
Michelle Tassinari, Massachusetts; Keith Ingram, Texas

NASED: Issued Statement August 25, 2017