2018 Winter Conference, Washington, DC: February 17-19, 2018

Washington, DC
February 17-19, 2018



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MS-ISAC as the Election ISAC
Ben Spear, Senior Intelligence Analyst, MS-ISAC

Update from the Federal Voting Assistance Program
David Beirne, Director, Federal Voting Assistance Program

Advances in Post-Election Auditing
Nikki Charlson, Maryland State Board of Elections

USPS Update: 2017 Post Mortem and 2018 Prep
Tammy Patrick, Senior Advisor - Elections, Democracy Fund

Updates from our Non-Profit Partners:

Center for Election Innovation & Research
David Becker, Executive Director

Electronic Registration Information Center
Shane Hamlin, Executive Director

Council of State Governments
Kamanzi Kalisa, Director, Overseas Voting Initiative

Democracy Fund
Tammy Patrick, Senior Advisor, Elections

MIT Election Data and Science Lab
Charles Stewart, Founding Director